Windows 2012 classic theme

Do you like the cyan color theme in Windows Server 2012? No you don’t, it’s hideous.


Microsoft removed the ability to customize the color scheme, so you’re stuck with that awful look right? Wrong! The good news is you can export the Windows Classic theme from Windows 7.

  1. On your Windows 7 machine, right click the desktop and pick personalize.
  2. Under Basic and HIgh Contrast Themes, activate Windows Classic
  3. Now scroll back up to My Themes
  4. Right click on your current theme and pick “Save theme for sharing”
  5. Save it as classic.themepack (or whatever you want)
  6. On a Windows 2012 machine, double click the file. It will automatically be imported and set as your current theme. No more awful cyan!



Now if anyone knows how to get rid of the ridiculous 8 pixel wide border, please let me know!


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One Response to Windows 2012 classic theme

  1. Killian says:

    Set the border padding reg key, it still affects the theme but there is no UI to control it now..
    You can also get back true classic theme, but you loose all metro UI such as logon screen, network switcher, nt security options, start screen etc.. Just enable autologon, rename dwm.exe, rename Windows\Resources (so aero doesn’t load).
    I recommend penetwork to replace network ui.
    Also import Windows standard theme reg settings, & replace taskmgr.exe & tasker.exe.mui with Windows setup / winpe version (as it needs dwm).

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