I’ve been playing with my NLB cluster and want to use WMI to control the nodes. The PHP COM library works great, and I’ve had some success. The properties of COM objects aren’t exposed to you, so if  you print_r($somevar), you get nothing. I’ve been using ScriptomaticV2 and the NLB WMI documentation to muddle through it, and I found I was doing a lot of copying and pasting. Well no more! I worked through the major methods in Scriptomatic and re-implemented them in PHP. Now I can export PHP class files for any WMI class.

Check it out in GitHub.

It should be noted that I’m not a huge fan of “getters and setters”, so this uses overrides and an array of valid properties. I’m planning to expand it to create more “native” classes.

So now I can:

wmi2php.php generate --namespace=root/CIMV2 --class=Win32_ComputerSystem



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