PHP, WMI and Microsoft NLB

I’ve been playing with my NLB cluster, and wanted to find a way to evict nodes which were failing some test. This functionality exists in most hardware load balancers, but isn’t something Microsoft NLB does natively. Controlling NLB nodes is done using WMI, and the classes are fairly well documented. I was also fishing for an excuse to try ReactPHP, which is an event driven non-blocking library for PHP.

The result was my MicrosoftNLB class and the simplewatcher.php script. I used wmi2php to generate the boiler plate, and write a wrapper class called NLBNode. There is still a lot of work to be done, but it’s achieved MVP for me. Simplewatcher.php which will get all the peers in an NLB cluster, challenge them for a specific URL, and evict any node which fails. This is good for taking a node out of load (rename nlb.php to nlb.oos), or for stopping a node if IIS stops responding. If a node fails at the network layer (ie hardware or OS failure), it will stop participating in the cluster automagically. It will not put a node back into load, you must do that manually.


This is also my first composer project, and you’ll need to use it to get ReactPHP installed. To use the node watcher, just edit the first few lines of examples\simplewatcher.php, and run it from the command line.


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