5 FireFox extensions I can’t live without

Waiting forever for some drives to sync, I decided to compile my own list. I’m going to exclude the obvious items like ABP and FireBug. There are so many of these that you could have a top 5 list of top 5 lists, but this is mine anyway.


Prefbar puts common firefox toggles like JavaScript and Flash above the tab strip. Also has a very useful “Kill Flash” button. It’s also highly flexible. One of the add-ons for this add-on is “Clear domain cookies“, which makes testing and coding a login system far less painful.

Close tabs to the right

Close Tabs to the Right does exactly what it sounds like. Once you start using it you realize it should have been default behavior.,

Copy Link Text

Copy Link Text is another one that does exactly what it sounds like.

Tab Mix Plus

I use Tab Mix Plus to make tabs smaller, and to wrap the tab strip to a second line instead of scrolling. My style of research is to middle click a ton of links and then rummage through the results, so this extension is a must.

Export Cookies

Export Cookies makes it easy to save cookies in the old Netscape format. As an added bonous, they’re also compatible with cURL.

Quick Frame

I got home and realzied I forgot about Quick Frame.

So that’s my list. Ironically some of these items were in early releases of Firefox, and have slowly gone away. I also use Status-4-Evar but can live without it. What is nice to see is that while the Firefox team battles Google in the race to the bottom for stunningly useless browser user interfaces, the community comes behind to pick up the pieces and keep Firefox a usable piece of software.

Wikipedia block plus!

If you’re not using ABP you should be. As an added bonous, I’m including my Wikipedia ABP filters. I’m support WP, and have even been a regular contributor, but their banners are hideous and intrusive, and the floating divs of feedback are irritating to the extreme. I use these custom filters to keep out personal appeals from Jimmy Wales